Weekend in the Word 2016


Okay, so the big question on everyone’s mind that might be reading this is “Why? What’s the point?” We live in a culture and a society that has, for the most part, neglected the reading and careful study of God’s Word. What I hope and pray this conference does is spark an appreciation and love for the Bible. The speakers at this conference will preach the Word of God without compromise and help us understand how we can hear God in His Word. We want to see a generation pick up their Bibles once again and stand for God’s Word and desire to live by His standards. Below is a full list of events that will take place at the conference. At every service we will have corporate worship that will include music from God-glorifying worship leaders, and preaching from godly men who value the Word.

Pleasant Grove Community Church
Invites you to attend
A Youth and Young Adult Conference
August 12-14

Service 1 – Friday, Aug 12th – 7:00 PM
Music by Philip Willis
Speaker: Pastor Rob LaRue
Rob and his wife, Lydia, are ministers and musicians who currently serve as the youth pastors at Mulberry First Assembly of God and have over 25 years of combined ministry experience.

Expository Preaching Summit – Saturday, Aug 13th – 5:30 PM
Logan Dixon invites pastors, youth pastors, and those called to preaching ministry to attend this summit where you will we learn tips on how to preach and prepare for expository sermons that explain texts of Scripture. Please register for this event by contacting Logan Dixon via Facebook or text. Registration is free. We just need a basic headcount.

Service 2 – Saturday, Aug 13th – 7:00 PM
Music by Brian Goins and 16:15
Speaker: Payton Palmer
Payton and his wife, Sami, have served as the youth pastors at Fernwood Assembly for the past year and are currently pursuing credentials through the Assemblies of God.

Service 3 – Sunday, Aug 14th – 6:00 PM
Music by Brian Goins and 16:15
Speaker: Logan Dixon
Logan is a blogger, speaker, musician, and the Youth Minister at Pleasant Grove Community Church. He is also taking courses through Ligonier Connect and is ordained through Angel Wings Ministries.

Pleasant Grove Community Church
668 LaRue Ridge Road
Dover, Arkansas 72837

.::For More Info Call::.
Bill Hampton – 479.692.3103
Logan Dixon – 479.280.7050

Author: W Logan Dixon

30. Simul Justus et Peccator. Husband. Pastor. Thinker. Writer. Podcaster. Coffee-drinker.

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