Current Obsession: Kierkegaard and His Love Life


About every two or three months (sometimes more frequent than that) I’ll get a new obsession that I study and focus on for weeks and sometimes months at a time. Once I was fascinated with Martyn Lloyd-Jones so much that I listened to John Piper’s lecture about his life at least twice a week and I ended up reading his work, Joy Unspeakable  and “The Sacred Anointing: The Preaching of Dr. Martyn Lloyd Jones” by Tony Sargent. Another time, my obsession was with Charles Spurgeon. I watched two documentaries about his life, read “The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon” by Steven Lawson and I listened to John Piper’s biographical lecture about his life as well several times.

I sometimes wonder if these obsessions are a psychological red flag that I am spiraling towards a mental breakdown where I just snap one day and become a Unitarian, but until I have ample evidence that that’s what is happening I’m going to keep on studying these individuals that tickle my fancy. My current obsession is the life and theology of Søren Kierkegaard. My significant other got me a “Kierkegaard: A Single Life” by Stephen Backhouse, and I must say that it is absolutely fascinating.

I think one of the more intriguing things is that Backhouse absolutely captures the heart of Kierkegaard. Most of his writings were dedicated to Regine Olsen who never stopped being the love of his life even after their unfortunate break up. Olsen eventually married her old tutor, Johan Frederik Schlegel. Kierkegaard never fully recovered from their break up. He died at the relatively young age of 42 still madly in love with Regine.

Kierkegaard could’ve easily won the affections of other women, but they would’ve all had one common problem. They wouldn’t have been Regine.

Author: W Logan Dixon

30. Simul Justus et Peccator. Husband. Pastor. Thinker. Writer. Podcaster. Coffee-drinker.

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