Insomnia and the Imago Dei

“_______ is made in the image of God”

It’s something I tweet all the time. It’s my subtle reminder, to myself mostly, that the people we talk about- regardless of their denomination, political affiliation, sexual orientation, race, or social standing are at the end of the day people. That, like me, they grow tired. They are also battling insomnia. They also have families and desires and needs. They are also sinners who also have a need for a Savior.

A common theme I keep hearing is how we are so polar in America. We’ve let everything divide us. This is usually spoken in reference to either race or politics. That the line is now drawn and you’re either Left or Right, white or black. And everyone’s trying to figure where did we all go wrong? When did we become so divided?

Truth is: it’s always been this way. We’re just exposed to it more. Social media has aided this process quite well. As a society we’re more connected than we’ve ever been. But we’re no more closer than we’ve been since Eden.

And trust me, I’m the most guilty. I struggle remembering that my so called “enemies” (that is people who don’t agree with me) are fallen image bearers probably more than anyone. It’s easy to. Because we’re more connected than we’ve ever been and I can find SOMEBODY who will at least agree with me in this important point I’m making in the moment. We’re so polar.

We’re polar because we’ve made opinions our identity. And anyone’s alternative opinion or different view isn’t just a disagreement. It’s an attack on our identity. On MY imago Dei.

Truth is: we’re never going to stop being polar until we start looking at “the other side” of whatever divide we’ve invented as image bearers. As people, not just opinions. As sinners in need of much grace, instead of my enemies.

So yes dear Christian, whatever war we’re longing to fight or hill we’re ready to die on- that person on the other side is also made in the image of God. Just like you. No different than you or me.

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