Here We Have No Lasting City

I can say for sure, I am no fan of our President. I have not heard one policy of his that I can support or get behind. I find him to be reactionary, divorced from reality, and pompous. I find him to say one thing, walk it back, and then double down on the original statement. I believe he has emboldened white supremacists to come to the forefront. I believe many Christians have “baptized” him and his decisions so that, as he said, he could “shoot someone on 5th Ave and wouldn’t lose supporters.” And it is hard.

It is hard because the same brothers and sisters who said that we should “Give him a chance?” will not say “he’s wrong”. Those dear friends who sit opposite me on this issue were furious about President Obama’s golfing habit, but have ignored President Trump’s. They decried executive orders as tyranny, but give President Trump a pass. They accused for years that President Obama was a Muslim, though Trump has not attended a worship service in some time and has even said he doesn’t need forgiveness. The inconsistency is hard. It’s hard because it looks like they’ve traded promise for power, justice for Justices, and sanity for soup.

Its hard because I have to remind myself that my dear, blood bought brothers and sisters are made in the image of God. Like our President.

It is hard to remind myself that no one rises to power and authority outside of God’s sovereign hand, though I know it to be true. It is hard because I cannot understand how someone who rises to power on falsehoods and vitriol is God’s decision. I struggle because I think, “Surely, there is a better way isn’t there? What is going on?” And I’ve come to one conclusion.

I don’t know.

I know, dear reader that this isn’t helpful. To share in my confusion doesn’t help at all. It won’t move the ball downfield.

But let us not act as if we are a people without our hope. Because that is the place that I’ve been. I have, this week, been in a place where I wanted to throw my hands up and say “I quit”. But quitting doesn’t love our neighbor. Being silent ensures that the only voices are those who use the ends to justify means.

I have found for myself two truths that steel my soul. Three firm foundations that  are a comfort for me.

1. God is Sovereign

i. God from all eternity did, by the most wise (Rom. 11:33) and holy counsel of His own will, freely (Rom. 9:15, 18), and unchangeably (Heb. 6:17) ordain whatsoever comes to pass (Eph. 1:11): yet so, as thereby neither is God the author of sin (James 1:13, 17; 1 John 1:5), nor is violence offered to the will of the creatures (Matt. 17:12; Acts 2:23; 4:27-28); nor is the liberty or contingency of second causes taken away, but rather established (John 19:11; Prov. 16:33).

God the great Creator of all things doth uphold, direct, dispose, and govern all creatures, actions, and things, from the greatest even to the least, by His most wise and holy providence, according to His infallible foreknowledge and the free and immutable counsel of His own will, to the praise of the glory of His wisdom, power, justice, goodness, and mercy. (WCF 3:1&5:1)

This is difficult because the implication is hard. Why God has caused or allowed this to happen is something I neither like nor understand. But we are not called to understand, though we are called to trust Him. Because His faithfulness to His Church has never waned, never faded, we do not have to doubt but joyfully cling to Him. Because we affirm the hymn “Whatere My God Ordains Is Right”, we can hope in Him. Because all Presidents and kings are God’s and are under His authority, we don’t have to fear. Because whatever they do, good or wicked, occurs with God accomplishing His decrees, we can trust Him.

2. America is not the Kingdom.

This is a great relief, because as Preston Sprinkle writes in his book Fight “America could burn tomorrow and the Kingdom never be threatened” Throughout all of time, Kingdoms have risen and fallen. They have grown to the heights and been brought down in the lows. And the Church remains.

Christ has declared that this kingdom is “not of this world” and in this Kingdom everything is upside down. In this Kingdom victory is won by death. In this Kingdom, the heroes are those who’ve walked humbly. In this Kingdom, everything that is sad is becoming untrue and we will beat our swords into pruning hooks. This is the better Kingdom, the eternal Kingdom. we are seeking a better country, for here we have no lasting city. Our citizenship is not America, we are not Americans first. We are Kingdom citizens above all else. Here we are only sojourners.

Throughout Scripture, God promises to care for the oppressed, the widow and the fatherless. He will not forsake us, His people, His Church

The LORD watches over the sojourners; he upholds the widow and the fatherless, but the way of the wicked he brings to ruin.
The LORD will reign forever, your God, O Zion, to all generations. Praise the LORD! – Psalm 146:9-10

So as Kingdom citizens, we live quiet lives. We obey the laws, we speak with grace to all people, so that may see our Kingdom. We care for the oppressed and marginalized. We have balanced scales and call sin sin. We reject power, position, and prestige for something far more better: a Kingdom that cannot be shaken and that will trump all Trumps.

Yes for many of us, it is the dark night of the soul, but dawn will come. The sun will come back. After darkness, light.




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