Theology in a Dirty Glass

It would do you well to give this article a read.

The High Church Puritan

The insipid cosmopolitan cocktail that is evangelical churchianity is comprised of one part orthodoxy to ten measures of water; shaken, stirred, and cut again with simple syrup. Having all the potency of a feather duster, it lacks both the vigor and viscosity to even make its little pink umbrella stay afloat. Those who imbibe such are nonetheless inebriated, even if only by pomposity, and still prove brazen enough to belly-up with the big boys. “I’ll take mine in a dirty glass,” they bluster. So the barkeeper pours a few strained ounces of weaksauce into a sugar-coated martini glass while the new patron struts upon his stool. This kind goeth not out but by prayer and a much older vintage—a vintage distilled in antiquity—to be served neat without a water back.

In that spirit I suggest that a strong shot of Chalcedonian orthodoxy would clear up most of the christological confusion…

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Author: W Logan Dixon

30. Simul Justus et Peccator. Husband. Pastor. Thinker. Writer. Podcaster. Coffee-drinker.

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