An Addendum of Thanks to Maverick

I wanted to make an additional statement after yesterday’s post respond to Maverick Witlouw, but I don’t think it fits anywhere where an edit just makes sense.

I wanted to thank Maverick personally for being willing to discuss this with me. I know I was critical, but my criticism is merely academic. I respect him and his position on covenants. Too often, Reformed young men who want to be theological really just want to surround themselves with like minded people. It’s tempting to build an echo chamber where everyone in our group thinks like us, believes like us, and supports everything we do. But that’s not what Late Night Theology is about, nor is it what the Church looks like. So Maverick, thanks for being open and willing to push back on each other. Love you brother.

I do want to say I know there are differences between 1689 Federalism, New Covenant Theology, and Progressive Covenantalism. I hope to not mix these up because they are different. But on the position of baptism, I do not see a major difference. If he knows of any, I humbly accept the education. I don’t want to get it wrong, and sometimes we need to be honest about our misunderstandings.

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