Bring Your Talents to Westminster: Why My Reformed SBC Brothers Should Come Join the PCA


In response to Dylan’s article just recently posted, I have a better solution: Come join the PCA.

The SBC is making it abundantly clear that they don’t want the Calvinists. I remember having to dance around Reformed theology in my sermons and when interviewing for positions. It made me feel like I was lying. I remember not getting invited to fill the pulpit because I was open that I was a Calvinist. If this new statement says anything, it says that you’re not the preponderance, not the main group.

Yes, THE Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has become a haven for Reformed Southern Baptists. And yes, we’d ask you to work through baptism and polity. But let’s see what Paige Patterson says:

“I know there are a fair number of you who think you are a Calvinist, but understand there is a denomination which represents that view,” Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, said at the close of Tuesday’s chapel service. “It’s called Presbyterian.”

“I have great respect for them,” Patterson said. “Many of them, the vast majority of them, are brothers in Christ, and I honor their position, but if I held that position I would become a Presbyterian. I would not remain a Baptist, because the Baptist position from the time of the Anabaptists, really from the time of the New Testament, is very different.”

To that I say: come on!

Brothers, the grass is greener. I don’t have to dance around soteriolgy. I’m submitted men who take doctrine seriously. The standards for ordination are tighter, but you know your pastor is educated. And we sit under Word, Prayer, and Sacrament.

So come join us! We’ll gladly take you

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